EV Nova Launcher 1.0

Out now!

EV Nova Launcher is a template application for launching EV Nova using a specific plug-in set or total conversion. It is intended for developers to include with their plug-in when distributing it but it can equally be used by anyone else to create launchers for other plug-ins that they have. Its purpose is two-fold:
1. To decode any MacBinary (.bin) files that are part of the plug-in.
2. To launch EV Nova using the plug-in's data files. This allows it to serve as a 'shortcut' for running the plug-in whenever the user wants to.

Any feedback is welcome, if you think it should behave differently or you have any feature ideas then please let me know.

Grab it from the link in my sig.

Changes from the beta:
- The stored location will be reset if the Bundle name is changed. This means you can easily create a new launcher app from an existing launcher and it won't continue to use the same support folder.
- If it asks you to locate the support folder and you cancel, the stored location will remain unchanged. This was previously not the case.

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I tested it. Very straightforward. I set it up to launch the Acheron TC, and it worked great. 🙂

Now I really need to see if it's possible for Nova to find folders through aliases... this would be useful for sets of plugins that use the same EV/O port data files, for example.

EDIT: It's not... oh well. It would have been kinda cool.

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Sorry, I accidentally downloaded it twice. Very excellent, although on the first launch it asked to "locate your EV Nova Launcher Template folder." A little bit misleading, although the warning of having no Nova Files folder helped clear up confusion. I will definitely use this in the future. I tested it on Ashen Galaxy and EVC with no problem.

Edit: I forgot to change the name of the app. My fault about the Launcher Template folder.

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I was playing around with this template to see what it's worth ( 😛 ).

It works fine, though it seems that the system needs some time to recognise new ICNS files (I have to leave the folder, come back to it, use QuickLook, and then even change the "EVPlugIsTC" back and forth to get the new icon to be there in all sizes 😄 ). Though that's not a problem linked to the template itself.

Posted Image

Thanks guys! I count 9 downloads and 3 responses :rolleyes:

@Geek: If aliases don't do what you're wanting then try symlinks: "ln -s <filepath> <destination>"
(edit) How about a Parent TC property? Would that be useful to anyone?

@Pace: Aw, that's beautiful :wub:. If you're having trouble getting information to update, try duplicating your app to see if the info is properly showing on the duplicate then delete the original. Or restart the Finder.

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Works fine on my end, as well. Quite a good deal more handy than manually reselecting each time.

Works well here too, but I shouldn't be letting you know that. 😉

Once I can figure out why Nova suddenly isn't recognizing that it's registered, I'll give it a spin. Looks like I might need to take a look at my Time Machine back-ups to see if something changed.

1.0 final has been released :). See first post.

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