First plugin help

so ive been playing Nova for a couple years now and i decided i wanted to try my luck at making my own plugins. so after reading up on making them ( nova bible, and a couple tutorials) i downloaded EVNEW.

the plugin that i attempted was modifying the argosy ship so it was a little bit faster and diffrent weapons.

i created a new rez file and entered in all the information that was related to the argosy changed the stuff i wanted and to make it availible to me anywhere enstead of after playing the storyline. i wasnt really sure how to do this so the peramiters that made it only avalible after a specific point in the game i changed to equil that of the simple shuttle craft.

after i finished with what i thought would work it saved in to "nova files" when i went into the nova files folder it was not there so i resaved it in a diffrent folder on my desktop and it was not there either.

can anyone help me with making this plug work.


Ok so i fiddled with it a little more and fixed the problem thanks anyways

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