Outfits that give money

I'm trying to implement an "outfit" that allows you to give Sigma Shipyard engineers the opportunity to study a Polaris ship in return for a little cash. I can't figure out how to get an outfit to give you money however. Is it possible or do I have to make it a mission or something.

You could make an auto-aborting, invisible mission with the Oxxx operator in the "available on" bit set and set it up so that the pay is given on mission abort. Optionally, you could use the !Oxxx in the "on abort" string to take away the outfit when the mission's gone through its course. You might want to go into more detail concerning what you want to do with this, exactly.

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Couldn't you just make an outfit that granted you a rank (Kxxx)?

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An outfit can do that? Any decent examples?

On Purchase set Kxxx (where xxx is the ID of the rank). In the rank resource, set the daily salary to whatever you'd like the amount to be. On Sell do Lxxx to remove it, where xxx is the same rank ID.

All right, that sounds good. Thanks for the help. A little searching caused me to stumble on the Kxxx prefix so, my bad there.

edit: Actually, quick question about ranks. Can you have ranks of different governments "coexist" Like can I obtain a federation rank and a wild geese rank and keep them at the same time? I'm thinking yes, but I don't want to finish this plug and realize that it screws the game up.

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Yes, you could have ranks from every government in the game, as long as the developers allowed it. That is, unless the max number of ranks is smaller than the max number of governments, but I'd have to check on that. The engine doesn't care if you have ranks from multiple governments, though.

you can have a maximum of 128 rank resources and a maximum of 256 govt resources. To my knowledge, Nova doesn't get anywhere near that limit, so I wouldn't worry about it.

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