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My laser doesn't want a graphic.

this is my weapon, graphic, Boom, Boom Graphic, and spins for both graphics. when I choose my weapon graphic save my weapon and close my window if i then reopen my window my graphic is set to -1 as aposed to 128. this happens no matter what I do. please help me.

P.S. this is probably some stupid noobish problem.....

But still help me!!!!

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As I said in the other topic, a spďn's ID has to be between 3000 and 3255 in order to be used as a weapon's Graphic. The wëap resource format is designed in such a way that it's impossible for MissionComputer to save any lower value, so it has no choice but to leave the field blank when you give it a number like 128.

Change your spďn resource's ID to something within the allowable range, and the wëap editor will accept it.

Btw David, could you make the resource selector show what type of resource it is selecting?

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