jag Werks?

A while back, when I was involved with plug-making, I remember there being an incredibly good graphics site by the name of "jag Werks" or something like that. I haven't been here for a while, and I was wondering if any of those old graphics were still around by any chance, as I haven't been able to find them. Thanks.


I'm not sure what you're talking about, but have you tried a search?

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If I remember correctly, jag Werks was a pair of people who would make EV graphics for pay, and their site only had example graphics. I still have some of their example graphics on my hard drive (that I downloaded for inspiration) but I don't think they ever publically released any of their graphics. The site has been dead for some years (showing only (url="http://"http://users.overland.net/~gerstlej/")this(/url) for that time, never actually having been updated).

I believe some of their work was featured in the plugin, "Pale".



Yeah, I tried a search before asking, and all I got was the site Weepul showed me, so I was just wondering if maybe they were somewhere I wouldn't be able to find by doing a search.


We, jag Werks, were a small company run by two guys straight out of high school. Since the EV graphics business wasn't enough to entirely fund a business (an understatement) on its own we branched out into other computer related areas. We ceased to exist when I decided to spend a year traveling around the world before heading off to college. My ex-business partner is still in the graphics field I believe, although not games related.

I can probably find some of the old graphics if anyone is still interested as they are only gathering dust in some computer hard drive.

I think at the very least you'd get a lot of interest in the Just Graphics forum. It's always nice to see new content.

I would love to see your ships! Please post them up.

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