When are crons evaluated?

I've been tinkering around with the continuous time progression hack, and I've come up with a question about cron's. You'll have to be familiar with the hack for the specifics of my question, but really what I am looking for is some information on crons. I've read the bible and not really come up with much helpful on the boards. Here are my assumptions about crons; I'd like some help in correcting them if they are wrong.

crons Evaluate:
-on landing/docking
-on a day or more passing
-on boarding a ship
-on checking ship info ("p" button, usually) - I'm actually not sure about this one at all.

Here are the specifics. I'm trying to run a check every few seconds of if the player has a particular outfit, using Oxxx in a cron. My current solution is to advance the date once the "timer ship" self-detonates. I'd like to be able to not have to wait on a 'day' to pass between outfit checks, but it seems there is no other way to have Nova run through the crons using the continuous time progression method other than advancing the date. I'm pretty sure that simply going back in time a day after advancing forward one day is impossible, or at least very impractical. Is there a way to have Nova evaluate crons in an On Abort or On Success field?

I might not be asking the question all that well, as I've only tooled around with crons a few times.


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1 is 2; 3 & 4 shouldn't be.
Edit: replaced comma with semicolon. By the way, the title should not have an apostrophe; I'm feeling like a grammar Nazi today.

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@Werner, I believe not, but you can use the NCBs in an onAbort/onSuccess field to trigger the next event. If it needs an x second time delay, you can have an invisible self-destructing mission ship warp in (armor/shields = 0) with deathdelay of x*30 (seconds *30frames/s)

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