How do I make RLED 'spin' graphics

for missiles and ships?

Is there any easy way to make a 'spinning' animation for a ship (I.e. the 36 different frames)
I have a few interesting ideas (all on paper) for some mildly interesting weapons.
of course, someone probably has already used the ideas to some extent, but I haven't actually made a plug-in for nova yet, so I want to try.
Well, I hope that someone here can help.


The usual practice is to create your ship within a 3D modelling programme, and then render a 36-frame animation of it rotating. If you aren't working in 3D, you'll have to rotate it in a raster graphics programme; there are ones that will do it automatically, but the results are never as good as 3D.

Well, looks like its time for me to get good at using Blender.
I also don't know how to put textures on models.
I have Blender and Photoshop CS on my mac, but sadly enough, I can't use either of them well.
Looks like LOTS and LOTS of online tuts for a while.

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