Cloned ship clashes w/ outfits

Hey everyone, I have recently picked up my tinkering habits with EV nova mods. One of the things I was trying to do was transfer a Voinian ship into EVN. I have it successfully flying around, shooting its guns, etc. However, whenever I try to purchase new outfits, the game does not allow me to purchase anything but licenses. IE no maps, no sensor enhancers, etc. I just though of checking and the problem only occurs with my cloned ship. I have done these things before, although its been a while. Any ideas?

Win Xp

(Escuse my Mac language.) If your using a modified chรคr rescource you might have missed a bit or two.

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This is a common problem caused by the way Nova is set up. Every non-Vell-os ship needs to have a certain contribute bit set in order to purchase outfits. Check an existing Nova ship (like the Shuttle) to see which bit you need.

Ok, thanks for the idea. I was using a modified char resource. So I dropped the value of my ship to 30 credits and deleted it, however there was no luck in that regard. It is quite definite that the ship resources themselves are the problem. I have bought/sold the ship no just to see if there was a continuation of the problem into another ship but nothing happened.

I was just hoping that there would be a simple 'allow this ship to purchase outfits' checkbox.

The files I copied are:
The two pict resources
one rle8
one rled
one shan
one ship

I of course, changed the number values on these to get them properly set up.

Sweet, that got it, I went right past the contribute bit, when I was comparing for compatibility. Thanks.

This isn't really my first time on the forums, just the first time I couldn't find someone else w/ the same problem ๐Ÿ˜›

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