Graphical continuity with the EVC TC

EVC or rEVisited?

I'm working on a plug-in for the EVC TC and have a dilemma regarding the few new ships and assorted graphics that I'll be adding. I don't want the graphics to stand out as glaringly different from everything else in the game. The question I have is, should I design them to fit with the look and feel of the stock EV graphics, or should I design them to be more in line with rEVisited?

Thoughts and comments appreciated.

Well, you could try to do both if you have the working guts to do so. I've been thinking of doing something like that for my FOTVE port for Nova.

I've never really gotten my ships to look like those of EV or EVO. However, you could try texturing with a brush, or you could take bits and pieces by the clone stamp, or copy and pasting.

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