Anyone know Patrick Delahanty?

He's the authour of the EV plugin, More EV Voices, he also did the original fighter voices. I've tried his email address in the Read Me with his plug but it doesn't work. Anyone know his new/different email address?


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no one bothered to reply..

no 😉


I know this is a serious necropost.
...but the person you're looking for is me.

You can contact me via this form here:
(I run that form goes to me and me alone. It also means I don't have to share my e-mail address with spam bots.)

Speak of the devil!

This is... really pretty surprising. I don't know if there's still a "need" for you, if you'll pardon my use of the term, but there may still be people looking for fighter voices out there, possibly in the TC or Semi-TC departments.

Whoa, dude, it's like...totally him. 😮

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