Compressing Plugins

I don't have stuffit

How do I compress plugins if I don't have DropStuff and I want to upload a plugin without shelling out 50 bucks for stuffit?

You just download the trial version and you never have to pay. Duh.

That actually works?

Sure, I've done it since forever.

Wow... That's the most genius thing I've heard in... A while. Thanks a bunch!

If you're on a Mac and don't like stuffit, you can also use either the Plug-in Archiver or Plugin Archiver (one's made by Guy, the other by Orca, but I'm not sure which 😛 ) to compress your plug-in into, which is easier for PC users and maybe slightly easier for Mac users.

Where do you get that? I'm checking the addons page...

EDIT: Nope. Not there.

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Right, mine is found at the link in my sig 🙂
Please do not use DropStuff! (It is shareware, btw, there's just no restrictions on using it beyond the trial period other having to wait some number of seconds when you launch it)

I just looked at your sig link Guy, and I have to admit, pretty impressive. I especially like the Resource ID Guide.

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