Creating graphics with mission computer, as well as new storylines

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Continuing the plugin discussion, how would i go about creating a new planet with my own design, or creating new ships, or creating new outfits with new pictures and designs? How would i do this using Mission Compuer? (i have mac OSX by the way)

i also know that you need another 3d or 2d image program, such as photoshop, but i don't think i have anything like that already installed, so is there any other free program i could download for mac OSX?

Also, i want to create a new mission string; how is this done without overwriting or changing previous mission strings?

Any tutorials, links, or suggestions to my questions would really help me 🙂


Go to the first page of the FAQ at the top of the Nova Developers corner. It's about halfway down the list.

From now on, try posting questions like this in the Nova Developers Corner. It's a whole forum dedicated to plugin design.

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Cosmic_Nuisance, I'm not sure what you were trying to link to, but the link is broken. Unless it was supposed to be like that.

I'm moving this to the EV Developer's Corner, which as Cosmic_Nuisance mentioned is the better place for topics about plug-in development.

Yeah. I edited it to exclude the link. It WAS to the member-run FAQ (or whatever it's called), the section about that question exactly.

As for your image program, i suggest Gimp. Free and relatively powerful. It does require X11, though...

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