would this work?

Considering that a wormhole is a spöb, could you make a mission to "land" on one? The idea is that if "landing" on a wormhole just causes you to move to another one and automatically leave, then you could conceivably set up a silent mission to go through a wormhole and set the date offset to, say, a year. The end result is the illusion of time travel. This opens up a bunch of new possibilities, like time warping only to be involved in a search for a "missing" ship (you) that disappeared at the time you went through the wormhole. Or maybe a government was blamed for kidnapping you and it started a war that lasts for hundreds of years that you get involved in and later find the cause and stop it. That's my 2 cents anyway. Would this actually work?

EDIT: I can't get it to work. Can anyone else do it?

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