Director Teaser Nearly Complete

Just one more little tip

OK, so I'll probably have the teaser of my upcoming plug ready to upload tomorrow afternoon/evening. There's one thing I'd like a pointer on first.

I have a sequence in which if thing X happens (like the player destroys a certain ship), the player immediately gets zapped to another system with no landing involved. This part works fine using bits, but what I can't get to happen is a ship-change immediately when that happens. Is it possible to get the player's ship to change without having him/her land?

Since that was a bit garbled, here's a summary: Player destroys ship X, player moves to system Y, and is supposed to get ship Z but this isn't happening. If the ship chance can't happen like that, it's fine, but it will just be a little less cool.

Thanks for the help thus far, and I hope to get that teaser uploaded in 14 hours or so!

Could you make a control bit for ship changing on entering the system? Player enters X system and gets Y ship? All in all it would look like: Player destroys X ship and gets sent to Y system. Upon entering Y system, player gets Z ship. It might be that you have to be landed on the ground for the ship control bit to work. That's the case with every time EVN stock uses it.

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I'd just like to say I'll take a look at your plug. I've downloaded it (but if I say how I managed to find it despite it not being on the add-ons page, Cleindori will kill me), and it looks promising story-wise, in that it isn't exclusively based on three-line dëscs.

Nova-ish length, from what I've seen. (at least, the real "missions") Good 🙂

I'll tell you what I make of it 😉

Wait, you can download those things??
Hey, so you can :). When I first found them you didn't have permission to download them. I was really disappointed because I saw what looked like a potentially cool plug go by with no email address.

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Thanks for the preliminary feedback Pace! I just updated the teaser a bit, so I sent David Arthur a message to see if I could get the new one uploaded instead of the old.

Does anyone here know of any good hosting sites for occasional updates?

If you're going to upload a teaser or alpha/beta and don't want to clog up the add-ons page (yes, Guy, I just read your post in the Starseed topic 😉 ), look for places like MegaUpload. That way, you can upload updates easily, and will just have to give out the new download URL.

OK, I've changed the title from the rather bland Director to the not entirely yet explained but much more poetic Anathema. It'll make sense eventually hehehe

Anyways, the newest version of the teaser is now on MegaUpload:


Hope you enjoy it!

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