ATTN: Space Photoshoppers

Please visit my PS tutorial BB

I'd like to make a useful plug here.

For all people looking to grow from circles of clouds, noise filters, and solar flares for space scenes, I would like to welcome you all to my free Photoshop tutorial website, PSbyBryan. In it, I will be posting up slightly limited tidbits of my accumulated knowledge pertaining to Photoshop. I've been creating space scenes from scratch in Photoshop for nearly 10 years, and I've developed some useful bits that I actually haven't seen in use elsewhere. The internet's a big place though, so I really doubt that everything I know and do is original.
I will also be uploading collections of handy brushes and styles that I use that other Photoshoppers may share in for free.
I'd also love to see other people who've developed techniques I've never seen nor heard of before add to my forum as well.
So please, whether you've got questions, comments, or criticism, art you want to show off, knowledge or a lack thereof, come on by my site and have a little fun.

PS: It's new. I just started it up today. So please be a little patient if there isn't sufficient content while I make my first baby steps into being an online teacher as well as a forum administrator.

Ah yes, I used to make space scenes all the time. I'm not too good at it though, so I'll have to check out your site 😛

Here's sumpin I did when I was... 13 I think.

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