I call it, "the swivel booster"

While trying to make a um... weapon type afterburner, I made a pretty nifty (possibly helpful) discovery. I call it, "the Swivel Booster!" (only because I can't think of a better name :p).

What it does is fire a harmless yet highly explosive projectile, exploding right behind the ship. This in turn makes the player's ship move forward. But there's a bonus feature. It allows inertial ships to preform a 'sideswipe' (where a non inertial ship turns 90 degrees then fires flying sideways). I have only a vague idea why this happens.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Come to a complete stop

  2. fire the booster 'gun'

  3. turn any direction and you will still continue to fly in your facing direction

I added a simple plug for everyone to play around with. Just buy it on any outfit (you might also want to take out your plugs, just in case).

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Play and probe around, and brainstorm some things that can build off of this. This is definetly one of the most interesing things I've ever found (also the only :p)

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