Director Teaser Beta Available!

Expansion of Fed Storyline

So, hundreds of hours of work later, the teaser beta for my upcoming plugin Director is available upon request! To give you an idea of what Director is, it continues where the Federation storyline left off, with the player as the head of the Bureau, free to mold humanity as he/she sees fit. While somewhat linear, the storyline offers some branching options. Currently resource count is 164 descs, 73 missions, 71 outits, 28 ships, and 38 weapons. Not all of these are new, as some are modifications of existing resources, but that's the file count.

Now, the version I'm distributing is both a beta and a teaser, so it is 1) incomplete and 2) buggy. This is not the finished product by any means. Since it's a beta, I would like only to distribute the plug to several (say 6-8 max) dedicated developers to help me do testing and give insights. It's not that I have anything against the casual crowd, but too many beta testers really slows things down. You'll all get your turn soon enough! 🙂

If you're interested in helping me beta-test, send an email to with your AmbrosiaSW forum handle (so I know who I'm talking to). I'd appreciate it if only serious takers take me up on this; by that I don't mean that you have to spend hours and hours on end doing nothing but testing, but rather that you know something about plugin programming so you can be more constructive as a tester.

In this plugin, not only do you do the typical explore, explode, and unfold of the Nova universe, you also have the option to direct the human race in various ways. Do you fund the research of how Polaris organic technology works, or do you spend that money on developing more powerful jammers, shield buffers, and scanners? Or on researching the fundamentals of Vell-os telepathy and telekinesis? Or do you simply divert money from the Federation coffers into your personal accounts? All of this, and more is easily within the grasp of the Director of the Bureau. But you may find, even as you tighten your stranglehold on the human race, that your greatest challenges still lie ahead.

Although most of the teaser involves setting the scene and playing with nifty new gadgets, there is also old-fashioned Nova storytelling and difficult and fun battles.

And now, the eye candy!

Excalibur Cruiser

Attached File _200x200_2.jpg (32.83K)
Number of downloads: 37

Charon Torpedo Launcher

Attached File Launcher_Buy_200x200.jpg (9.97K)
Number of downloads: 36

Doru Beam

Attached File Small_Render.jpg (16.12K)
Number of downloads: 35

Ion Shock Battery

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Number of downloads: 29

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Man, 59 views and 0 submissions? Don't all jump on at once now! 😞

I'm trying to work through the bugs on my own at the moment so hopefully I'll have a playable if not 100% perfect teaser available on the add-ons site.

Seriously though, the lack of interest at a plug that lets you be the evil, manipulative, genocidal menace of the galaxy is close to restoring my faith in humanity! :laugh:

Can't really give much feedback without looking at the teaser. All we can really say right now is the equivalents of "Looks good" or "Looks bad".

Yeah, what I meant though was that nobody has sent me an email asking to get the beta e-mailed to them. The descriptions and pictures are just there to get people interested. 🙂

I'm sure there's plenty of people who would like to check it out but few have the time to commit to beta testing.

Like me, I'm already running a beta test.

Good luck with it though.

Yeah. Call me in a few weeks time.

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