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i need help with a plug-in design flaw

Hello to all willing to help...

I am designing a plug-in (cheat) that is an unguided missle that disables anything instantly i have created the .rez file (i am a pc user not mac) and put it in the plug in folder. i go to any outfiting store and there it is i click on it to purchase it but i cant buy it.

im not sure whats going wrong but im using EVNew to make the plug-in its aviable in the uttlities section in ev add-ons.

if someone can help me figure this out im will be very very very gratefull.

i can add the .rez file if u need to help figure out the problem 😉

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I'm going to move this topic over to the EV Developer's Corner. The folks over there are better able to help you. 🙂

Check your require bits.

Check "max", "require", "availability", "mass", "slots", "cost".

And as for plug-in design flaws in general, I support them.

i have evrything u mentioned exept for require bits what should i do for that?

for the require section it just say 0000000000000000

If the outfit in question is ammo for a launcher, make sure you have the launcher on your ship.

Make the require bit look the same as the Shuttle's contribute bit (or almost every other ship for that matter). You can find those in Nova Data 1.

Leaving the Require bits blank doesn't really matter. It just means you can still buy it even if you have a Vell-os ship or are locked out of buying outfits earlier in the Vell-os string.

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so if i change the bits similar to ship req bits that might fix the problem? ill try that and if it doesnt work...well... ill be back. ill probly be back anyways...

edit: i looked at the req bits for most normal aviable ships its all 0's but the contribute bits are diferent will that affect anything?

as welll not to long ago i created a number of other misc outfits (not wepons) and they worked (aka) i could purchase them and the recevied the proper affects. note: i did not change any bits at all

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You could post the plug here for others to take a look.

@guy, on Jul 19 2007, 05:48 PM, said in Plug-in help:

You could post the plug here for others to take a look.

like i said before just ask and i will so ill attach it

(man im getting cool people on this forum (guy, josh tigerheart)

man... it sais im not permitted to upload this type of file 😞 😞 😞 😞

I can email it... umm... anyother suggestions of getting it to im open :unsure: sorry

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Compress it first.

Gah, Guy got there first.

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You'll need to zip it first and make sure it's under 100k.

O OK did not no u had to zip it thanks

here you go

((i kno its off topic but my sis submitted a file recently and she wants to know how long till its downloadable on the site??))

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You have b9999 in the Availability field. B9999 is used by Nova for stuff you can't buy, and there's no way the player could set it unless it was set by a plug-in. Also, the ammo type of 10 means it will draw ammo from weapon ID 138. Change that to 217 if you want it to use its own ammo, which I assume you do. Also, you might want to differentiate between the launcher and the ammo, since they're both called the same thing right now (e.g. call the launcher "Disablo Missile Launcher" and the ammo "Disablo Missile" or something like that).

i set the aviabilty to b9999 becuase thats the aviablity for map and u can buy a map anywhere so i figured that would do the same in this case

as for the ammo type i must have misunderstood the discription and thought it was sumthing else... (amateur move, simply because i am an amateur))

ill reply you the results and thank you for the help

Thank you sooo much i can now buy launcher, ammo, and fire them it all works perfectly but now its destroying ships = (

as informed by title disablo (disable) it does just that disable... well exept for mine how come?? i made sure i checked disable bt not destroy, could the submuntions have anything to do with that???

EDIT: Thank you all for helping me out. I have fixed the problem the submuntions was the destroying part of the weapon
I have succefully created this weapon and i may be putting the operational version online, =D :laugh: :laugh:

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