So I had a look at ways of having a team of people all working on one project.

As far as I can tell now, the most usual ways are to have someone who everyone gives their stuff to and who puts it all together, or to have a shared FTP account or somesuch. Neither are particularly efficient.

Quite apart from using SubEthaEdit for collaborative text editing (highly recommended!), I was wondering if anyone has experience of using subversion and how well it handles resource forks. Because if it does that well, that could be a whole new way of approaching team development.

Funny you should mention this, we considered using SVN at one point. I have no idea how it handles resource forks (I expect the answer is a flat "it doesn't") but the plan was to ConText everything before committing with the idea that changes could be more easily tracked. But it was just going to more complicated than it was worth, what with ConText/ResStoring all the time and having to use a special program to do all the updates/commits, not to mention no one else had ever used SVN before. The shared FTP account (or WebDAV as the case may be, which OS X can actually write to) is sufficient 🙂

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Well, my evil experiments show that Subversion does support resource forks, but you have to do a little hacking to get it working.

Probably easier to use .rez files though.

This might work!

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