Help - Can someone spin for me

Hey guys i need someone who can spin in 3DS or Cinema 4D, i cannot figure out how to render the frames for a ship, i already have a model that i've downloaded and i'm allowed to use but i need someone to spin it.

I've tried to do it myself but i'm finding this 3d stuff very difficult, those of you who have spent the time and figured it all out i envy you on your patience.

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Sorry, I can't help. I've done spinning before, and I only got dizzy. :laugh:

But seriously, I got close to figuring it out, but my test went totally crazy.

Please note that when the spin is completed, we will be ready to release a teaser plug-in for Stargate: Nova. It is a simple ship about the size of a Viper Fighter. While it does have a folding and unfolding sequence, we do not need that right away. You can do it if you want, but we do not need it. You also do not need to do any running lights or engine effects as we should be able to do that ourselves.

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