Confed Battleship now available for EV Classic!

So far only the classic version....

Download it here:"

The Confed Battleship is sort of my namesake on the Ambrosia webboard, where I'm known as Battlewagon. Although I've authored many plugins for the original Escape Velocity, most of them are only of interest to me, as they are either modifications of existing ships by other people, or they make the game too easy. 🙂 The Confed Battleship, featured in this plugin, is a bit different as you need to earn it by earning the right to purchase Confed ships, and at 25 million credits it isn't cheap, either. I'll be the first to admit that the Sprite is merely a 200 % enlargement of the original Confed Cruiser sprite. I may rebody it, now that I'm learning how to use Blender and could come up with perhaps a better ship design, but for the moment it's the same old humdrum enlargement that I made in Photodeluxe back in 1997. WOW!!! This plugin is 10 years old!!! This version isn't, however, as the latest version was just developed today, June 25th, 2007. I hope you all enjoy this massively powerful ship, as I expect that having such a ship has long been a fantasy of everyone who's ever played Escape Velocity. 🙂 It may in fact be the last ever plugin developed for EV Classic, as the game is now well OVER 10 years old, and the original platform for it, Macintosh System 7, no longer exists.

Technical issues: The only ones that I currently know of involve resource conflicts with other plugins. At this point, there are so many plugins available for Escape Velocity that there are bound to be many, and so it may be necessary to change the resource ids in Resedit. This version was intended to be used with the Merger plugin, as my copy of Merger has ship #157 missing, but yours may be different!! I wish everyone the best of luck in running this plug, and if you have any questions please send a message to Battlewagon on the Ambrosia webboard located at

-Battlewagon, 6/25/2007

Changes for version 2.1, released 6/25/2007

-Corrected Mission bit from -1 to 66

Confed Battleship technical specs:

Top Speed: 140 au/h
Acceleration: Poor
Turn: Poor
Shields: 1,600 TW
Armor: 400
Guns: Maximum of 16
Turrets: Maximum of 8
Space: 600 tons
Cargo Capacity: 100 tons
Fuel: 10 Jumps
Length: 500 meters
Mass: 2000 tons
Crew: 3000

Standard Weapons:

8 Proton Turrets
1 Particle Beam Cannon
4 Gunboats
2 Forklifts

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Original EV plug, just now released? Awesome.

People still release plugs for evc? Oh well i'm not complaining, in fact i just have to say YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

That's what I call a slow internet connection.

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