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turn a station into a ship...

Hey Folks, if you read the topic desc you're probably thinking I'm trying to make a cheat plug but I'm not. Everyone know the intro scene where you see the Auroran station flying? Well I put 2 and 2 together a took a guess that that ship/station is in fact a Deimos Class Transport as said in the Striker desc. From there I thought, wow, wouldn't it be cool to make that a balanced buyable ship :laugh: . Of course things took a turn for the worse 😞 and now I'm asking if anyone is willing to make it.

I already have one. it's not finished yet, it doesn't spin, no engine glows, no running lights, and the steering is odd. (I had to make it inertiales to work at all.) and I havn't specified any starting weapons or outfits, but as soon as I finish it, I'll add it to the addons page. 😉 (attachment=3996:Picture_5.pdf)

YAY! :laugh: thank you so much! Any chance you could send me what you have? email = cindiandterry@comcast.net

I forgot to ask, do you mean does not spin as in the sprites are 1 frame, or it does not have a spin resource?

Posting your email is a bad idea, you know. Spambot bait. Try cindiandterry ( at ) comcast ( dot ) net instead. Also, the Edit button is preferred over Double Posting.

@winchaser, on Jun 22 2007, 05:37 PM, said in RLE Help:

YAY! :laugh: thank you so much! Any chance you could send me what you have? email = cindiandterry@comcast.net

of course!

(Oh, I forgot to mention, in your first post, you said the station you had in mind was the small auroran station, but I used the Big one 😉 )

and when said it doesn't spin, I meant that it doesn't spin in the game. it has a spin file.

The big one is good, and sorry for the double post

The big Auroran stations are two Deimos-class ships put together.

When I made my first ship ever for evn (simple ufo) it didn't spin at all. So, what you could do is this (just a suggestion):
The base will spin, but it won't look like it (ex 64 identical frames) That way beam/unturreted weapons work properly, and you don't need to spend countless hours rendering and setting up (till you have the time of course)
To Tell which direction the dang thing is going, make an engine glow of some kind. THe engine glow can spin, since they're easy to make anyways.

So, this will probably save some time, but it cutting a lot of corners. I hope I helped.

Oh by the way, do this if you're considering the BIG station. The little one can just be rotated probably.

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