EV Darkstar TC Preview Trailer

I also posted this on the EVN forums, but almost all of my other posts about EVD have been in here, so I felt the need to keep any of you who don't visit the EVN forums as regularly posted. This is the preview trailer for EV: Darkstar, a TC by my team, Panacea Creations. The TC not completed yet, but I decided to cook this little animation up. The graphics and sound by me.

Slightly reduced quality (smaller download):

Full quality (much larger download):

Thanks to LNSU for hosting both videos.

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Needs more explosions, though...

Cool graphics, bad trailer.

It went too fast and the sound track was okay at best. The logo and company name took up too much of the trailer. And the sequences with the ships had really weird effects with the star-fields. I really like your graphics, but your movie needs work.

Hey, I like it. I wish my graphics skillz were that good. 😛

Yes, I believe that I will be using different music, and a quite different style, for the second trailer. However, this is just about exactly what I had planned for this one. I did not have access to good rendering hardware when I made it, so more explosions are in the works for the next one.

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