Stopping government ships from attacking

For instance, let's say I have control over the Auroran Empire. Is there a way to get the ships from that government to stop attacking you? The same applies to Federation ships as well.


The only way would be to swap out the entire Auroran Empire and replace it with an exact copy that belong to a government that had its ‘Never attacks player’ box checked; that would require so many redundant resources as to make it extremely impractical.

Couldn't you just check the "Never attacks player" box on the Auroran government without making a whole new one?

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Couldn't you use a rank?

Or an IFF Projector outfit?

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Couldn't you use a rank?

I suppose so, depending on the exact effect the original poster wants; the wording made me think of domination, which would be hard to implement, but as part of a storyline a ränk might work.

You could change OnDominate for every spöb in question. Either set it up so all you have to do is dominate Earth and then all Feds leave you alone, or make it so every Fed spöb you dominate sets a bit, and then when all are dominated a crön or mďsn triggers the ränk.

However, the least resource-intensive method I can think of is as follows:

Make a mission available at any Federation spöb with AvailRecord -32000 (must have dominated stellar). This can be an invisible missionif you want but it doesn't have to be. All it does is set a control bit (you could also have it grant an outfit instead.) Lets call that b1 for simplicity.

Now make a crön that triggers any day b1 is set and b2 is clear. This crön clears b1 and sets b2.

Make a second crön that triggers any day b1 and b2 are both set, and b3 is clear. This crön clears b1 and b2, and sets b3.

Make a crön that triggers any day b1, b2, and b3 are all set, and b4 is clear. This crön clears b1, b2, and b3, and sets b4.

As you can see we're counting how many Fed spöbs have been dominated, and we're using the bits to write binary numbers. You might need more cröns and bits depending on how many spöbs belong to the gövt you're working with.

I don't know exactly how many Fed spöbs there are, nor how many are transient, so you'll have to figure out what the least number of Fed spöbs that can ever exist at the same time is. Or maybe you can just pick an arbitrary number, like, "once you've dominated 10 Federation planets the Fed Navy will leave you alone."

Then set up a crön that triggers when your requisite number of Fed spöbs have been dominated (when the combination of b4, b3, b2, and b1 spells out the proper binary number.) That crön starts the ränk that makes the Feds leave you alone.

Do the same thing with different cröns, bits, mďsns and ränks for the Aurorans, the Rebels, the Polaris, and if you want then also each of the Auroran Houses.

This basically trades n resources (one per planet) for log2 (n) resources and log2 (n) bits.

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