Character Selection upon Start a New Pilot

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone had talked about, considered, done anything with having the user when they start a new pilot have to select which race they want to be with...

IE: Start New Pilot
Enter Name
Enter Ship Name
Select Starting Race: Federation, Polaris... etc

Is this possible, sorry if this has been posted before if it has just point me in that direction.


You'd use the chär resource, I believe.

There are a number of plugs which do this already - Plug Pack includes one of them.

In fact, early betas of EV Nova offered storyline selection through chär resources; then, part-way through, they decided to use it for ‘difficulty’ instead (‘easy’ gave you a Valkyrie and a larger amount of money) before finally settling on having a single starting character as in the original games.

Thanks David thats interesting, i didn't realise that...

This is good makes it very possible for me to implement some ideas in SGN.

thanks Guy i will check it out to see it in action.

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