Weapons refuse to acknowledge ammunition

I've got a problem with my plug. I've just started it, and I can't seem to make the weapons recognize their ammunition. This is very strange, because I've done tons of nova work in every resource other than the spins/shans/rles, and I haven't gotten this problem before or done anything different. I'm wondering if you can figure out what is causing it.


You can download the plugin there in .rez format. Its in that format because I can't get plug-in archiver to work, and I don't like resource fork nuking.

There are still a bunch of problems with this, but I there's not much I can add/test if weapons don't work.

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If the weapon uses its own ammo, set the ammotype to the weapon's RID minus 128. For example, your Rocket Launcher is currently set to ammotype 12, meaning it will take ammo from weapon 140, which doesn't exist. Set it to 4 to use ammo from wëap 132, which is itself.

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