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Ok, I want to start making ships for EVN. This is my first and I'm just making a simple 2D triangle shaped thing so I can get the feel of it. I have a shän that works perfectly except that I can't get the stupid engine glow to work. I have an rlë8 and rlëD file of both the ship and the engine glow. Whenever I try to select the engine glow in the shän's GlowImageID it always forces me to choose a PICT file. But it's not a PICT and on the description for GlowImageID it says it can be a PICT or a rlë8/D. How do I change it from being a PICT to being an rlë8/D? (preferably rlëD)

@electrovir, on May 13 2007, 09:28 AM, said in Shän help:

How do I change it from being a PICT to being an rlë8/D? (preferably rlëD)

Just type in the ID number of your rlëD resource — the game automatically detects the rlëD before it goes looking for a PICT.

I've already tried that. EVN said that there was an error on the shän or something, saying that the PICT ### was missing. Then it froze and quit.

ug. this is all very confusing. :blink: I tried it again and for some reason this time it worked. oh well. thanks I guess.

When you use an RLE sprite, you have to leave the Mask field blank (i.e. set to -1), since the RLE contains both sprite and mask information; this may have been your problem before.

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