Absolute Minimum

How does a TC work?

I've never really understood how a TC actually works. Like if you take the absolute minimum plugin thing, and then write your TC into it, do you place your new plugin into the Nova plugins folder? Basically what I'm asking, does the plugin just override everything in the Nova files folder, or do I have to create null resources? :huh:

None of the above, the best thing to do would be to rename the "Nova Data" folder "Nova Data Original". The same goes for the plug-ins folder and the pilots folder. Then create a new folder named "Nova Data" and put Absolute minimum in it, and put any plug-in you want to use into another new folder named "Nova Plug-ins". Don't forget to create a new Pilots folder as well!

Absolute Minimum is simply a plug for convience for TC developers, allowing them to start clean, providing filler resources for all the absolutely required resources to make Nova run. Eventually, as a TC grows, the need for AM will no longer be needed and the TC files will be able to be ran out of the data files folder as opposed to the plug-ins folder.

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