Rezilla 1.1c1

a new Rezilla release

(Aha, David, now see as I steal back the spotlight ;))

I'm releasing a new custom version of Rezilla, Rezilla 1.1c1, based this time off Rezilla 1.1 (so it supports editor plugins and stuff), which includes my last two custom features (that were in Rezilla Custom 3) to improve template editing (and in fact makes my Rezilla templates actually usable): field and checkbox stuffing, as well as keyed section dynamic value changing by popup menu, which didn't make it to Rezilla 1.1.

Why am I releasing this?

It looks like Rezilla 1.2 is going to take some time, and in the meantime this is leaving you a bit stuck between Rezilla Custom 3, which doesn't support plugins, and Rezilla 1.1, which doesn't really support the Rezilla templates I wrote as they assume the presence of the two missing features (the templates technically work, but you get long lists of fields, made even worse by having a list item around every and each of the field, rather than 4 fields or 8 checkboxes on each line, and you can't modify keyed sections). So I advised to stick with Custom 3 for now, and I admit I used that as an excuse to delay working on Rezilla plugins since you would have to use 1.1 and renounce on template editing to use these plug-ins. So I'm doing this as much to give you at last the best of both worlds, as to force me to get my fat butt working on these plugins (though don't worry, I've been working on another project in the meantime). The first thing I'll be doing now you have this is to work on improve RLEPlugin to turn it into something actually more than the proof of concept it is right now (adding the possibility to stop and resume rotation just like in ViewRLE, and the possibility to choose your background color). Then we shall see.

As usual, I have to make the source code of my custom versions available so that you can in turn get it and improve it, so here it is (this is what took me the most work to prepare for this release, I already had the custom build ready a long time ago when I ported the two missing features in the 1.1 codebase for them to be put in main Rezilla, however it took me a few hours to have a clean project structure that I could reasonably release, like not depending on a CodeWarrior install or having WASTE, a Rezilla dependancy, located in a RezillaPB project somewhere else on the hard drive ;)).

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Aha, I've been waiting for this. Much appreciated, Zacha 🙂
Just a request for the RLE plugin (I meant to request this for ViewRLE but kept forgetting): Display the frame size and count somewhere.

Your wish is my command, sir, enjoy the 1.0.0 release of RLE Plugin! It features pickable background color (especially useful for viewing some special asteroids from our favorite TC!), stoppable animation, informative text (width, height, current frame and total number of frames), and (hopefully) 10.3 compatibility.

Could you implement you annotated resource pages into rezilla please?

Okay. I'll give it a shot.

Thanks Zacha, looking good 🙂

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