Problems with Beams

Invisibility with 2x/No coronas

Well, I've been tinkering around with a beam weapon, and there are two problems with it, so far.

First off, when I fire it in 2x, about half of the time, it's completely invisible, and has no effect on the outside world - the other half, it functions normally.

Secondly, I've been developing this in MissionComputer. I decided to attempt to make the beam thicker. After I learned that beamwidth does not actually control the thickness of the beam, I decided to use coronas instead - only to find that MissionComputer apparently does not have fields for beam coronas, because while it does mention them in some resources, the main fields that would control them are nonexistent. I don't have NovaTools installed at the moment, and it would be a major pain to do so, so MC is my only real development option at the second.

Any advice regarding these two problems?

- Bob

1st problem is due to reload. If your reload is 1 then then the beam fires every other frame. x2 mode skips every other frame which will either be in-sync with your beam (making it more or less work as intended) or out of sync (making it invisible).

2nd problem may be you're looking for the wrong field: The corona is controlled by a field called 'Falloff'. Read the bible.

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