No Defense Nelly, where'd the fleet go?

defense fleet is no-where to be found...

Hey everyone... or anyone who cares enough to look here, I've made my own plug (Windows) using EVNEW and I cant get something to work. The main concern today though is a defense fleet. I've made my own planet in a new system, and I have the dude that I want to use for the planet's defenses. Its all put in, and I have the Id's labled correctly. I still click to threaten the planet, but there's no fleet, and I automatically capture the planet. Can anyone point anything out from what I've given you here? I can post more info as needed if it would help get an answer.

My memory is that defence fleets only take effect if the planet was present when your pilot file was created; if you create a new pilot file after installing your plug-in, the defence fleet should work.

Or you can simply catch and release to regenerate the fleet for an existing pilot.

I'm testing that theory on a new pilot, once i get the rating high enough to threaten them successfully, i'll see if thats the case.

Yes, that happened to be the case. Thanks for the insight, spared me a few more days of agony. :laugh:

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