A question

about Bomb's plug-in guide

Anyone else getting a "you do not have permission to do this" every time you try to view a topic?

Yup. I really wish an Admin would do something about it.

I think it's permanently dead, along with a few other similar forums. Feel free to ask an admin about it - we've never had any official word about them. If you're looking for Zacha's guides though, check the important links topic for the new location.

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Hmm, alright, thanks. Zacha's guide, I'll check into it.

@lord-rama, on Mar 15 2007, 02:18 PM, said in A question:

Hmm, alright, thanks. Zacha's guide, I'll check into it.

**I've meant to ask about the status of that. Given that it is rather defunct, i wouldn't think it would rate very high on Ambrosia's list of things to do. However, some of the information there could still be useful so when I get a chance I'll see what I can find out from the higher ups.



Notice you're not alone now. 😉

I do have a complete archive of Bomb's stuff as it was there too (I archived everything at the time of the Great Locking of the Void ), so nothing is lost. Though I think Ben could save the old topic just by moving them to a new forum, after all he did that to the Progress Logs, x, and xx. 😉

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