Crons and Pilot output

how many crons and how to make pilot output


I tinkered with EV development in the past but I gave it up for a long time. I'm back now, with renewed vigor but I have two questions to get me back on my feet again. I am using EVNEW in a Windows environment.

  1. What is the maximum number of crons can I use? I think I remember its 512.

Whatever the number is, is it required that they fall within the range of 128 - (maxcrons + 127)? Or will any ID number work as long as the total number of crons falls under (maxcrons)?

  1. I remember when I was working on EV development before that a .txt document was created showing all my pilot stats and which mission bits were on. How do I get that report again?

512 max cröns. I assume they use the same ID range as most other Nova resources, but you could easily test it.

From the Good Book:

Appendix IV - Log Files

Nova supports two different kinds of debug log output that are useful to
plugin developers:

1. If you create a file called "debuglog.txt" in your Nova folder, a large
amount of debug info will be dumped into this file as the game runs.
Further, enabling this output also turns on some additional error checking,
which can be very handy for finding errors in plugins.

2. If you create a file called "pilotlog.txt" in your Nova folder, every time
a pilot file is opened its contents will be written in human-readable
form to the pilotlog.txt file. (works only after registering)

I've too just started working on a plug after a hiatus. It takes a little bit of time to recover the basics, doesn't it?

It sure does!

Thanks for the info bubbles...

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