Making Systems Appear With Missions

Can it be done?

Well, I was messing around with some missions in evnew, and I tried to make my own where you have to "test" a new system/planet route. I looked for some sort of bit to make the system and hyper-route appear when you accept the mission, but no such thing. I looked through the syst. recources to find some sort of "appear on" field, but no such thing either.

Maybe some of you who have done more with missions can help. I've never really coded missions before. Never got around to it.

Can it be done? Or do you have to have the system/planet there already?

(Tell me if I'm clear enough on this, by the way. 😉 )

The field you're looking for in the syst resource is (usually) called Visibility (or VisBit in the past). If you put a value like b729 in there, that system will only appear if bit 729 is set. So, in the appropriate misn, in the OnAccept field, put b729. This should mean that when the player accepts the mission the new system becomes accessible. 🙂

Note that I have never used EVNEW … How exactly these things are done in it, and what the fields are called, I couldn't say for sure.

All this and more is detailed in the annotated templates for the various resources, which are linked in the stickied topic 'All the important links you'll ever need' in this forum.

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Awsome. Thanks!

Evnew has all the same fields that other mac EVN editors use as far as I know...

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@redneck, on Jan 6 2007, 02:04 AM, said in Making Systems Appear With Missions:

Evnew has all the same fields that other mac EVN editors use as far as I know...

Yes, it should do - I'm just told that it calls certain fields by different names than the ones Mac developers have got used to. But, since I haven't seen it for myself, I can't be sure.

Just don't use the same bits that stock Nova uses. What those are, I have no idea.

List of bits used (+ functions of each bit): EVN Bits Bible (pretty accurate).

Wow, that is cool. It's a lot easier than looking for what each bit does manually.

Thanks for the link Pace. 😄

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