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Darkstar needs you!

We're looking for someone for the Darkstar TC for someone who can write desc's for planets and bars, and mayhaps ships and outfits. If you would like to help out, contact me at or Crusader Alpha at This will be relatively extensive work, and your only job. You can obviously post replies here as well.

Before mant people will respond to your requests, some more information would be more or less required. Information such as how much progress do you have so far? Who is this "we" you refer too? Just you and Crusader Alpha? I personally would like to help, but I have a couple of other projects that I already have, I am just asking the questions so that you may find more help than you would otherwise.

Actually WonderBoy, I've mentioned Darkstar multiple times, so we don't need to announce it, really. No worries, though; we've kept most details under wraps so if you haven't heard it mentioned, that's no problem. I, Espatross, Mispeled, dr neverhood, and two people not on these forums (UNKNOWN314159 and VitaEtMort) are on the team. We are in middle pre alpha development at the moment: around two years of work. I want to increase the amount of work we're getting done, as we're trying to move quickly, so I'm having Espatross add to the team because the workload is a little large for some of us.

Ah, it did sound vaguely familiar. But, I have been paying attention mostly to ARPIA II (sortof just keeping an eye out for when its out, which it is now :D), StarCraft TC, and my own personal adventures.

I'd be interested...I'm doing quite a bit of writing as it is. It would be nice if you were more we have to come up with concept for planets and bars, or are you going to hand us a pic and storyline and say "here make crap up"?

Kind of both. Some of the planets have pretty fully formed concepts, and all of them are named and belong to certain governments. Most of them are not fully conceptualized, so as long as they fit well with the galaxy, they'll work. Email Espatross ( if you are interested.

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