Weird Spob type

a wormhole station ?

Hello every one.
I DID some search before posting, i swear it ! 😛

Now, i'm makin a new spob to go with mi little plug in (i told you already, remeber, the mission with little schoolers... well now they've grown and run a space station near tinbilla)

So. I want my station to look like Planet ID 2059 (in the RleD from nova graphics 2, it's a auroran station). Problem is, Planet type 59 belongs to wormholes. Upon landing, I still have the "station landing pic". But how can a wormhole look like an auroran station, i ask ye ? 😛

Is there anyway to make the station appear on space like it should be ? Do i have to create another spob type and use custom landing pics ? how can i make a station look like a station ?

Thanks for your help

Check the spin IDs, not the rleDs themselves. Spob spins start at 3000.

Okay, i checked the Spin, it's ID 1000 and up, but i found what i wanted. Now i just have to use a custom landing picture and my station will be perfect. Thank for the help 🙂

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