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mission specific ships issues

Hello every one,
After doing some research on the forums, I didn't find an answer to my question. so here it is :

I'm wanting to do a campaign (like terraforming one, 5 or 6 missions tread but with a fork at the beggining, so two ways)

The first mission is simple, you have to take little schoolers to a class-trip on hourglass. upon accepting, a ship follows you, but i want it to be neutral to you (blue in the radar screen), never answering to any hail ("sensors only pick up stats" & no "beg for mercy/request help" button) and on top of that, I want this ship helping you in battle. That is, when you arrive on the system where hourglass is, there are 3 ships waiting, wanting to kill you, and if you fight back, this ship helps you. if you flee, it doesn't kill them.

Is that possible to make, and how ?

When you're disabled, one of the ship board you, take the schoolers hostage and flee. this "neutral friend" ship follows them and you're left alone. if you manage to land somewhere, you get "way B", when you would get "way A" by landing on Hourglass with the schoolers intacts.

Is it possible, and how ?

thanks for answering.

Question 1: Create a new govt resource, check all the flags that apply and make the ship's dude resource point to this govt. Be sure in the govt resource to make the ship an enemy of the marauders/pirates/basic badys so it attacks them.

Question 2: It seems like this might be possible, but I sure don't know how.

Q2: Have the mission fail when boarded and use the OnFail string to set bits and stuff.

Okay, thanks for your answers.

Now, another question :
I want to make a spob that sells you nothing, (may it be trade center, outfitter or shipyard) unless you dominate it. Then it sells everything it can get (tech level and so)
Is there a simple way to do it, or do i have to make 2 versions of the spob (one that trade nothing, and one that trade all, with the flag "start dominated" on)

I want to make this to help some spob to be more realistic (for example, harbor in scheall or houseless in houseless where you can land on and buy by paying a little "fee". i find it... disturbing).
I want these (two ?) spobs to give you access to their technology only when you are "military dictator" or whatever the title may be.
This way, player will only have access to special technology by dominating specific spobs.
Don't you find it odd that they don't like you but they sell you everything ? yeah, they're pirates, but houseless should be working on regaining their honor to enter one of the houses or something like that, not working on increasing the money income... shameless dogs.

do i make myself clear on this topic, or should i explain more precisely ?

I think you could just set the minimum legal status requirement to never allow landing, and then the player couldn't land until he/she dominates the planet.

Is ther an onDominate and onRelease spob field? If so, that is definitely your answer.

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