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Hi. I want to translate EV:Nova into Dutch, and trying to do so, I thought of something:
why not do it for all languages!

This may seem bizarre, but I think everything will sort out. If you want to help, mail to "timstrips" at "hotmail" dot "com".

It will work in packets, such as mailing 2 descs for a planet and its bar, weapons and ammo, etc.

Ja, het is een goed idee. Maar het zal je jaren nemen om het volledig te vertalen.

Yes, it's a good idea. But it will take you years to translate it fully.

Oui, c'est une bonne idée. Mais ça te prendra des années pour le traduire en entier.

Ja, das ist eine gute Idee. Aber du wirst Jahren nehmen es ganz über zu setzen. (the only one I'm not sure of :D)

Been suggested before, but no one has ever really taken the time to do it.

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Latin would be cool, although impractical since it's a dead language. It would be awesome to hear Krane saying "Kel'ar Iy delenda est" or something like that.

I'm such a nerd. :laugh:

whats that?

@lnsu, on Dec 8 2006, 10:33 PM, said in EVN in other languages:

whats that?

Kel'ar Iy delenda est:

I believe it is:

Kel'ar Iy is destroyed!

But ya Latin would be hard. I might be able to try but it would take forever...and the select few people that could understand it...well that would sort of be the problem. My customers would be people that are 1) huge EVN fans and 2) can read fluent Latin....we are short on those.

But I like the idea.

Nope, it's "Kel'ar Iy must be destroyed!" (tsk tsk, Americans ;)).

I can speak Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian), but find another guy who's willing to translate every single dësc in the game. Certainly, I doubt anyone who understands the scope of the project would be willing to do it for free.

when i first started playing nova i thought of translating it to french, because i wanted my friend to enjoy this game like i do.
But it's not every single desc you have to translate, it's every single word in the game : message buoys, ship names, etc etc etc...

Well... i could give it a try, winter holidays are coming...

@pace, on Dec 9 2006, 03:09 AM, said in EVN in other languages:

Nope, it's "Kel'ar Iy must be destroyed!" (tsk tsk, Americans ;)).

The might be the translation in the game, but it appears to me that that is not the translation of the the Latin. If you did translate the Latin, please explain to me how you got the translation. Delenda appears to come from the Latin verb, Deleo "to destroy" but est means he, she, or it is (although it should be placed in the center of the sentence). Must in Latin is the verb Debeo....so where do you get the must? Now I know there is a way in latin to turn a verb into a noun, but I can't find it in my old book. Enlighten me Pace...

"Delendum" is the gerund version of "delere", and the gerund can be used in two contexts with completely different meaning.

The first is the simple gerund, where it basically means that the verb is the complement of another verb/noun/… (so "verb/noun" + "of" + "verb + ing" or "verb/noun" + "to" + "verb"), for example "tempus legendi" (the time to read/of reading), "cupio manere" (I wish to stay).

The second is what is called the gerundive, where the gerund form is not only declinated, it is also accompanied by the "esse" verb.
The most famous example is "Carthago delenda est".
In this case, the verb takes on a dimension of necessity and obligation, and therefore "Carthago delenda est" means "Carthage is having to be destroyed", literally, and therefore "Carthage must be destroyed".

Edit: note: the terms "gerondive" and "verbal adjective" are perhaps incorrect… Indeed, having studied Latin in Belgium in a French-speaking school, I only know the French terms, i.e. "gérondif" and "adjectif verbal". I hope the terms I used are somewhat correct translations…

Edit 2: thanks UE_R&D for the correct terms in English!

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I thought it was 'gerundive' in English, or something to that effect...looks good. I think there's a distinction between the gerund, which is a noun-ified verb (like 'swimming', in the sentence 'swimming is my favorite activity'), and the 'gerundive', which functions more as an adjective.

Ah, ok, so that's how it works in English-learnt Latin 😄

Editing my old post 😛

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