I was just poking around...

what happens if...

I was just poking around and got to wondering, on the Gov't resource, what happens if you have both the Doesn't use hypergates and prefers hypergates to jumping out flags checked?

try it and see.

I predict that Nova will choke.

Woah! LiAnNaSu, you changed your name! Why? I liked LiAnNaSu better than LNSU... but, its not my name...

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To minimize some misunderstandings. People thought it was lianna sue, and not an acronym.

Ah. Well, now we know.

I think the program will eat itself.

@jacabyte, on Dec 3 2006, 05:23 PM, said in I was just poking around...:

I predict that Nova will choke.

My guess is that whichever behaviour comes either first or second in the code (depending on exactly how the game is constructed) will take priority, and the other will be completely ignored.

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