H-H-Havin a little trouble...


Ok, so i'm trying to add a tractor beam to the game, (using the Arpia PD laser as the pic, which also won't work) And i have it set up in a way that LOOKS right, but when i try to fire it, it plays the sound, but there is no beam, and the targeted ship is not pulled towards me. Any help would be GREAT.



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A weapon cannot work if it has no count, Seńor.

That would explain it. Thanks, Guy.

Mr. Bland

@pisketch, on Oct 21 2006, 04:28 AM, said in H-H-Havin a little trouble...:

(using the Arpia PD laser as the pic, which also won't work)

What do you mean, "won't work"?

Just doesn't show up ingame.

techlevel? missionbits? name? the "not allowed if your a vell-os" bit? perhaps you could update the download and i'll have a look.

No no, the outfit shows up fine. The picture just doesn't show up.

The PICT id for outfits is 6000 + (outfit ID-128). Don't put the pict in the desc. Thats for missions with the picture on the side. For your weapon, the correct PICT ID is 6639, not 6339.

Winces Oh. Goes to fix Thanks, LiAnNaSu