grrr, stupid invisible sprites...

ok, i have three ships in game that i made, only two of them are visible. the game gives no errors when attempting to load the third, it does not crash, it just fails completely to draw the ship. the shan is perfect, the rlës are fine, the numbers match up, but never the less, the ship is completely and utterly not there.

IDs within valid range?

(edit) Wait, you're implying that the ship is being created (can you target it?) but not being drawn. In which case I suggest posting the plug.

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i have not made a düde for the ship, just a chär so i can test it. i wind up with essentially the perfect in-game video camera....

and as far as i can tell ID's are in valid range, i'm using the odd numbers for the rlës and 413+ for the ships.


the ship is the ISA Victory class. just create new pilot and select the ISA chär

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Well you need a shän instead of a spin for a ship to work. You should also have shipyard pics for your ship so that Nova doesn't crash and burn.

Er, yeah. You said your shan was perfect. I would call the lack of any shan at all less than perfect. The lack of pics shouldn't cause any problems though.