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I present... a new weapon editor using the awesome Keyed Sections feature of Rezilla. This allows simplification of editing weapons by hiding fields/flags that do not apply to certain guidance types or labelling things differently due to differing behaviour between guidance types. However, there is one major issue that arises from using keyed sections in this way: You cannot easily change the guidance type of a weapon without zeroing the rest of the weapon's fields.
To change the guidance type, select the resource, choose "Edit as Type..." and enter 'weap' (without the accent). This will open the old weapon template where you can change the guidance type then save and reopen with the new one.

Anyways, I haven't tested all fields/flags that I've included/excluded for various guidance types so do let me know if you think anything is wrong. There's a couple of things I'll just point out though:
- The "Don't fire at fast ships" flag is not present in any of the guidance types. This is an obsolete flag which is nonfunctional in Nova.
- The "Can't fire if ionised" flag is oddly a part of the seeker section. For all types except homing this has instead been included at the end of Flags 1.
- The "Fire from nearest exit" flag strangely enough works for all guidance types (except Carried Ship which doesn't use exit points).
- The BeamLength field is not included for projectile weapons. This is an undocumented, pointless, redundant and probably accidental feature.

(edit) Fixed: Two weapon types were using DWRD instead of RSID for Submunition Type.

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This post has been edited by Guy : 02 February 2011 - 10:37 PM

Guy, I order you to instantly remove this offending zip archive and properly reencode it! How could I let this slip the first time? This has been compressed with OSX's zip compression, which as you know isn't really suitable for plug-ins. All right, admittedly this is not a plug-in and is only of interest to OSX users, but this kind of zip archive is hard to decode for Jaguar users (I am no longer a part of this group, now owning an Intel Mac, hence the reason I did not realise this sooner).

Pft, Jaguar users need Expander to do it which can properly handle these, provided they have a new enough version (v8?). My other options are either .sit(x) or which both require Expander anyways, so this way is better because at least Panther+ users can extract it instantly.

This post has been edited by Guy : 10 September 2006 - 05:08 AM

I still don't like OSX's zip scheme. Plus, the type and creator codes seem to have been lost in the process (unless there was none to begin with :huh:). But, yes, it is more or less suitable (it's either require Jaguar users to update their version, or require Tiger users to download Stuffit in the first place, which they both should have done anyway).

Yeah, there were none. I just created a new file in Rezilla and it didn't give it any codes. Are there any it ought to have?
For the record though, I will never use StuffIt unless there's no other feasible way. OS X's zip scheme may be odd but it really is the way to do things from OS X to OS X. Besides, the primary target here is 10.4 on Intel 😉 (which I guess is why no one has shown any interest).

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You can tell Rezilla to give type and creator codes to the files it creates via the prefs, though the working is a little weird. Anyway, rsrc and RSED can't be a bad idea or, since ResEdit isn't likely to be usable, rsrc and Rzil (Rezilla's creator code).

Oh, and I'm not asking you to use Stuffit, Plugin Archiver will work wonders for this stuff.

By the way, I've done interesting research on how to set type and creator codes without ResEdit while I was off the 'Net last month, and wrote this paper (note: UTF-8 encoding, so I can't just put the text, you'll have to read it as an attachment).

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Ah, so there is. Okay, I've put up a copy with those codes. So all of two people can re-download it 😄

Interesting, but until Rezilla can do this there's loads of other free software available. I've been using FileMatch which is pretty cool for a free piece of software.

Hey any chance you could fix Rezilla to allow cmd+shift+S for Save As?

This post has been edited by Guy : 12 September 2006 - 07:03 AM

Sure thing, just ask, I did not even realise it myself...

Of course there's other software available to do it. The thing is I was completely cut off the 'Net so I had to make do with what I had.

Yeah, it seems we're a bit alone. Bah, when they'll all have Intel Macs such discussions will be very popular all of a sudden.

I'm using an Intel Mac as my primary machine, but I do all of my EVN development on an older G4 Tower. Mainly because I have not seen anything that can yet match ResEdit + Nova Tools.

I've used Resilla for a tweak here and there, or to examine a particular resource, but by and large I can't be as nearly productive. This isn't because of unfamiliarity, but because the interface isn't well suited to plug development.

Now, I'd happily jump on-board and use my design experience to create custom interfaces. But currently, I don't slightest clue how one would go about doing that. And I probably don't have the tools either.

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