Question about plunderable munitions

What determines what kind of ammo you can plunder from disabled ships?

Is it you and the disabled ship must share the same weapon? If there are multiple weapons, does Nova pick one at random?

Does giving a ship a weapon, with a weapon count of 0, and some ammo, does that create a ship that can't fire the ammo, yet the ammo could still be plunderable?

And now for the big question...
If you are using the multiple-ammo-for-one-weapon trick (invisible multiple launchers) and the disabled ship happens to also be using one of those weapons, would you be able to plunder ammo that you couldn't normally buy?

I'm not sure I explained that very well, so I'll include a psudo-plug code example:

A rocket launcher that can fire three different rockets. But that you can only use certian ammo with a special targeting unit. (You are prevented from purchasing it)

128 - Rocket Launcher (Alpha Missile)
OnPurchase g129 g130
OnSell d129 d130

129 - Rocket Launcher (Beta Missile)
Invisible Outfit Weapon

130 - Rocket Launcher (Delta Missile)
Invisible Outfit Weapon

131 - Alpha Missile

132 - Beta Missile

133 - Delta Missile
Availability: o134

134 - Special Targeting Unit

Now let's say the enemy ship had weap 130, the Rocket Launcher (Delta Missile).
If you had purchased the basic Rocket Launcher, and therefore have all three versions, would you be able to plunder Delta Missiles even if you didn't have the Special Targeting Unit?
My gut tells me, yes, you would.
So this somewhat breaks the hack doesn't it?
You could have the Special Targeting Unit add the Delta Launcher instead requireing it to purchase the Ammo, but if you have multiple pre-requisite items this causes complications

You always come up with the coolest questions 🙂 Go you.

1. Yes, you must share the same weapon. I'm not sure how Nova chooses which ammo to make available if there's a choice. Special note about weapons using the same ammo in this topic.

2. No, this does not work (though you will get the ammo if you buy or capture it).

3. Yeah, I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to plunder here.

@guy, on Sep 9 2006, 06:50 AM, said in Question about plunderable munitions:

3. Yeah, I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to plunder here.

Well, presumably, Nova checks to make sure you have the space to hold plunderable ammo, so maybe it also checks availability fields, but that's probably a long shot.

Oh, and can you also plunder fighters, if the AI didn't fire them?

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Right now for some reason, I have a rocket turret that uses regular rocket ammos (in EVO port), but I can't seem to plunder Voinian warships of their ammos. This puts a hamper on effort in finding a way around this problem though. I had intended to make an invisible weapon that uses rocket ammos as well, only, they're invisible to the game. The way it works, or how I tried to make it work was that, all Voinian warships are given these invisible weapon (though it may take up weapon slots in the ship resource field). I put in a bit which when the player buys a regular rocket launcher, it automatically gives them the invisible weapon (same also when buying the rocket turret). In this manner, the player would be armed with the same weapon as the Voinians so when plundering them, they can actually get the ammos.

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