Un-plunderable Rockets

from Voinian warships

I've been tinkering around with the port version of Override in terms of rockets and rocket turrets, and out of all the efforts, I still can't plunder rockets from crippled Voinian warships. Is there something about rocket turret weapons that's preventing this?

Currently, I have in the weap resource, both the rocket launcher and turret version set to 2 in ammotype. In the ouft resource, both the rocket launcher and turret have been assigned as weapon all pointing to 130 which is the weap ID of the rocket launcher, the rockets themselves is assigned as ammunition, also pointed at the same weapon ID. This allows me to buy regular rockets and fire them from using the turret rocket, yet, for some reason, I can plunder regular rockets from Voinian fighters and UE ships because they have rocket launcher weapons, but I can't plunder rockets from Voinian warships who are armed with rocket turrets. You would think that I should be able to plunder their ammos easily but it ain't happening. Am I missing something, or doing something wrong?

Finally, I'm able to cripple the warships pretty quickly so saying that the Voinians had depleted half or more of the entire stock of ammos is out of the question.

Your turreted launcher outfit needs to point to its own weapon resource. I'm not sure if that will solve your problem or not though, it may just be Nova can't properly handle plundering a single ammo type for different launchers.

I've set the rocket turret outfit to point to its weapon resource counterpart, but it still doesn't let plunder the regular rockets from the Voinian ship, I suspect there might be something. I mean one who owns a Raven pod could plunder raven rockets from a ship armed with a raven turret pod, right?

Have you tested the plundering of Raven rockets? I've just checked it out on Facelift (which is already set up like this) and see the same results. Even if you have turret you can't plunder from ships with turrets.

Damn, I can't seem to plunder raven rockets from certain destroyers who are armed with raven turrets when I'm armed with a raven pod. Also, I've made a variable where destroyes had raven pods and me having the turret, and still I couldn't couldn't plunder them despite being able to fire raven rockets that I had been armed with. I guess this is sort of a disappointment that the sharing ammo is not exactly forfilled, I may be able to buy ammos and fire them with different weapons, but I can't plunder the ammos without matching weapon regardless. 😞

I suppose I would have to find a hack trick to see if it can be done.

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