Using rEV Classic Data with Large Sprites?

After playing rEVx for a while, I'd like to go back and play using Classic Data. However, I really like the large sprites, so I'd like to use those. However, it says in the Installation file that "large sprites are not recommended for use without rEV xData".

What problems would this combination cause? Any major ones? Also, I see in the patch readme that I don't need the patch if I'm using Classic Data, but if I do use Large Sprites, should I put in the Large Sprites patch?


NOTE: I decided to post this here rather than in the Escape Velocity Classic forum because I figured the answer would take good knowledge of developing... I'm sorry if this is the wrong place.

It has to do with the weapons in the original EV. Their range is was designed based on the size of the sprites. So if you use bigger sprites, you're cutting down on their effective range for cruisers, and making it much easier for fighters to hit cruisers, as the cruisers have much more surface area. So now the fighter can be out of range for the cruiser's turrets while the fighter can hit it just fine. To fix this, you could just increase the range of the turrets, while leaving the guns of the fighters the same.

The large sprites patch corrects some of the exit points so if you're using the large sprites then yes you can that patch as well.
The rEV xData increases the speed of laser and proton cannons and turrets by 100 each. You might also want to increase the speed of the Neutron Blaster and Mass Driver by about 50 (rEV severely increases the range of these). I don't think it's so much an issue of effectiveness as an issue of the size of the sprites simply dwarfing the range of the weapons, making them look stupid.

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