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Assigning ships

Okay, hi I downloaded some ships from "modesty Blaise us" shipyard and now im making a new goverment how do i assign those ships that ive downloaded to my new goverment Thanks

Liam :laugh:

What do mean by assigning them? Do you mean have them flying around space and when you select them it says "Federation" for example? Thats easy...First you create a dude resource, you enter in your gov't ID where it prompts you to and you set the AI type to w/e you want(usualyl depends on the ships). Then you enter the ship/shan ID(they're both the same) into the ship type boxes. Then you import the dude RID into the system's dude types box. Your using EVNEW right? Heres two sceenies to help ya....if you are. 😛
Step 1
Step 2

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