Sound, looping, burst weapons...

I'm trying to cook up a variant of a chaingun, which is a bursting weapon.

- If I set the weapon to have its sound effect loop, it only plays once despite the fact that you can have up to 40 projectiles being launched in a huge spray from a group of these guns.

- If I set the weapon to not have a looping effect, it plays the sound for every pellet it launchs, which sounds really mean, and the sound and video match up. What you hear is what you see. But then it eats up all the available sound channels, and you can't hear anything going on except your guns firing.

The only other thing that really makes it work is to mark the weapon "all of these fire at once", because then you see see a short burst of projectiles and hear a short bursting sound effect. But then you lose a big element of the "blazing away" aspect. It looks like only one gun firing because they have such a small spread angle that they overlap and you only see a couple projectiles in flight. Plus it sometimes causes a noticable lurch in frame rate when you have 40 projectiles all hitting the target at the same time with the resulting math and particles.

What would be ideal is to have one instance of the sound effect loop while any of the guns are firing. That way you'd still hear the bursting effect multiple times while the guns fire, but without swamping the sound channels with a new effect for each projectile in the burst.

Does anybody have any thoughts?

Increase inaccuracy, and they will spray a lot more.

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