Missioneer wanted

Need a person who understands mission bits well, has a reasonable amount of freetime to make missions, and is willing to help with work on a large scale project. Not asking for writing skill, but if you have that too, it could be useful as well. If interested contact either espatross@yahoo.com or crusader2014@gmail.com.

It would be easier to recruit someone good if you had a few more specifics about what you want them to do.

Yes it would. But I've been told not to announce anything yet. They would be needed to place descs into missions and, more specifically, make the missions do what they are supposed to.

Im good at making misns. As long as you already have the idea set up, i wouldn't mind helping out. It takes to long creating misn while at the same time creating the storyline. :laugh: I found that out the hardway. So...I'll help, but being as school is coming closer, free time will gradually be getting smaller -> to about maybe 1 hour a day when school starts.

Alright, email either Espatross or me about it. Actually, email me (crusader2014@gmail.com), since he'd just tell you to mail me anyway.

Also check out the breadline.
You'd probably want someone who claims to understand the Nova Engine.

@chronodrago, on Jul 20 2006, 03:36 AM, said in Missioneer wanted:

It takes to long creating misn while at the same time creating the storyline.

<_< From my own experience, that statement is not only false, it is also meaningless. Sorry, but whatever happens, there'll have to be both of them, and if it's two people working on it separately, it'll take far longer. Anyway, in my opinion, it's far better for implementation if the writer does the coding, because then he/she will truly make it the way he/she wants it to be. A mďsn coder will not see the mission the same way the writer does, and so if you want special engine "hacks" implemented, the writer will usually find the most appropriate one.

Crusader Alpha & Espatross, I don't know who is the storyline writer, but I would advise you trying it out for yourselves. Mďsn coding may seem daunting at first, but in the end, you'll be happier of the result.

If you want to learn mďsn coding, then I would suggest reading my posts in this topic. I happen to know of no "mďsn tackling guide", but this is a start.

I know, you don't have all the time you'd want. But whatever happens, you're still some time from release. We all have RealLife™ to deal with, so I'd suggest at least trying. After all, as they say in French, "Qui ne tente rien n'a rien".

Best regards,

Peter @ ARPIA