A Rank Outfit

Does it work?

Ok, theres a flag that sets an outfit to show up as a rank. So i made this outfit called diplomatic immunity, basicalyl 3 IFF scramblers on one outfit. The problem is, the outfit wont show up. I cant buy it, and so i cant get it. I can get a hypergate acces outfit, but not this one. Anyone know why?

Check around a gazillion things that could make an outfit be unavailable. In fact, remove the "appear as rank" flag and try to see if it appears. It might be that outfits with this flag are intended to be given by Gxxx and they do not appear in outfitters, but I don't know at all.

Ok, i realized another way to do this, its also easier. But is there a way to have ranks invisble, so i could have one outfit buy 3 ranks, and each of the ranks corresponds to a different gov't and is like an IFF Scrambler for each one.

Also, would any type of blaster be considered a laser? What is it classified as?

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Is this how you want it to show up?
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Instead of going to the trouble of sitx-ing and then zipping you could just use Plugin Archiver, from this site :).

I cant extract the file. unless the stix goes into the convert plugins thingy.

EDIT: Ok, I posted a new version. See if it works.

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It works. And yes, the integrity outfit is exactly what i had(just with a different name and i had the persistent flag clicked as well as the rank flag.) Also, mine has a tech level of 68 so it can only show up at one of my new spobs.