Missile Jammers

Okay, I have some questions about missile jammers.

1. Are they cumulative? If you buy a Aur. IR Jammer, and a civvie IR jammer do they both increase your jamming? Or does only one work. If so, which one? In a plug I'm doing I want to have a weak jammer you can buy more then one of. I want to know if each jammer you buy will add to your jamming.

2. Can you add "reverse jamming", i.e. make a engine outfit that decreases your IR jamming because of how hot the engines become. If you put a negative number in the jamming field will it subtract jamming?

3. Do A.I. use jammers set as outfits on their ships, or do they use inherent government jamming? Do përs use jammers that are in their stock ships or inherent government jamming? Or both?

1: jammers do stack/add up/accumulate/whatever you call it.
2: I think so, but I don't know actually.
3: No idea, but they at least have govt jamming.

3. AI ships do use jammer outfits, I would presume this includes perses too.

Great! Thanks guys!

Short answers:

1. Yes, but if the cumulative total of a jamming type is over 100 it acts as 100.
2. Yes but if the cumulative is below zero it acts as zero.
3. I don't know, but I'll take Guy's word for it.

In-depth analysis, and more than you'll probably ever need to know about the probability of a missile locking on a given target: Jamming in Nova.

I never did get around to posting a version of that on Bomb's forum that ZP now does.

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